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Throat Cancer Prognosis

By Tyler Christopher

Thyroid cancer prognosis and survival rate

Glottic throat carcinoma prognosis and survival rate: It, also called vocal cord cancer, is a well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, with lower degree of malignancy. This glottic throat cancer accounts for about 50~60 percent of throat cancer. It is divided into grade I~II cancer (grows slowly and metastasizes late in its course, tends to the localized growth with less aggressive ability) according to Broder's. Furthermore, because of fewer lymphatic vessels in vocal cord, almost all of the patients do not suffer cervical lymph node metastasis in early stage (swollen lymph nodes in neck). Even more fortunately, most patients have hoarseness symptoms in early stage of vocal cord cancer, and as a result, they can notice throat problems as early as possible.

For patient with an earlier glottic throat cancer, this disease can be completely cured, and his vocal cords and pronunciation function can also be retained. For early throat cancer, radical radiotherapy is preferred, that is to say this throat cancer can be treated without surgery. This shows that the throat cancer prognosis is very good, and the five-year survival rate goes up to 90 percent or more.

Supraglottic throat carcinoma prognosis and survival rate: Accounting for about 30~40 percent of the total of throat cancer. Supraglottic throat cancer often causes cervical lymph node metastasis, and the swollen lymph nodes are often located in the deep of the neck in early stage. The patients have no symptoms in early stage. Perhaps, there are only foreign body sensation in throat and throat discomfort. Therefore, this type of throat cancer is mostly to be delayed to late stage. The prognosis and survival rate are not as good as the vocal cords cancer.

Subglottic throat carcinoma prognosis and survival rate: Its proportion is less than 6% of the total of the throat cancer. Subglottic throat cancer is occult, and do not cause throat cancer symptoms in early stage. This troat cancer can not only cause swollen lymph nodes in neck, but also spread to upper mediastinum of chest and the area around the trachea. Therefore, Its prognosis and survival rate are still not as good as glottic throat cancer.

Thyroid cancer prognosis and survival rate in stages

Glottic throat cancer, for example: The five year survival rate of stage 1 throat cancer is about 80~95% (simple radiotherapy for stage 1 throat cancer: 80%~90%; Surgery for stage 1 throat cancer: 90~95%).

The five year survival rate of stage 2 throat cancer: 65~85% if treated only with radiotherapy.

Stage 3 throat cancer survival rate: 50% of throat cancers are diagnosed at advanced stages. During this stage, patients often have swollen lymph nodes in the neck and elsewhere. Throat cancer treatments rely on preoperative radiotherapy and later radical surgical resection. Therefore, the patients with advanced throat cancers have much lower 5 year survival rate, maybe at most 50~60 percent.

Stage 4 throat cancer survival rate: Patients need to receive comprehensive treatments: A combination of preoperative radiotherapy, surgery as main treatment method, postoperative chemotherapy. The stage 4 throat cancer survival rate is about 30 percent.

Recurrence rate of throat cancer

In some cases, the throat cancers have a high recurrence rate. About 10~15% of throat cancers develop second primary tumors within 20 years after treatments. Overall, the risk of recurrence is high in T3 and T4 throat cancers. In the patients with lymph node metastasis in neck, the recurrence rate of throat cancer will reach 55% if only radiotherapy was implemented. In addition, the larger the cancer, the higher the recurrence rate.

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