Early Symptoms of Throat Cancer

First signs of throat cancer

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Early symptoms of glottic throat cancer (Vocal cord cancer)

For glottic throat cancer, the main symptom is hoarseness, that means the voice changes and sounds hoarse. The hoarseness is the not only early symptom and but also first sign in this type of throat cancer. Early symptoms of hoarseness can be mild or serious, often intermittent. With its development, the hoarseness gradually becomes severe. For people over 40 years of age, if they have an unexplained hoarseness £šA known hoarseness, for example, he knows, he recently have a cold.), may also accompanied by throat discomfort, foreign body sensation in throat, painful throat, then, the suspected throat cancer must be investigated.

Early symptoms of supraglottic throat cancer and subglottic throat cancer

The early symptoms of supraglottic throat cancer and subglottic throat cancer are absent or mild and not typical. For supraglottic throat cancer, the first signs of throat cancer are just foreign body sensation, pharyngeal discomfort; Later, sore throat occurs. These throat symptoms are not typical, similar to the symptoms of pharyngitis. So, the disease is ignored, and the condition is delayed. For supraglottic throat cancer, it is more insidious and even can not be discovered by the laryngoscope. There are often no throat cancer symptoms in early stage. Later, the hoarseness, cough, bloody sputum may occur. Still later, in the late stage, the patients usually have difficulty in breathing.

How do you do for a possible throat cancer?

If symptomatic treatment has no effect in patients with these symptoms of suspected pharyngitis, and/or the hoarseness, sore throat, pharyngeal foreign body sensation, or even difficulty swallowing repeatedly last more than one month, it is recommended that you'd better go to hospital for investigations in your throat, pharynx, neck and esophagus as soon as possible.

The early detection of throat cancer is not difficult. If the hoarseness is persistent, and those symptoms are not improved even eating anti-inflammatory drugs, you should have an examination for the suspected throat cancer, especially for high-risk groups, who have a long-term smoking, drinking.

Furthermore, In most throat cancers, the prognosis is good and the survival rates are higher. Therefore, you do not have to worry about throat cancer. What you should do is in accordance with the above-mentioned symptoms, do go to your GP or ENT specialist and get a check up.

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