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Laryngeal stridor definition

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What is laryngeal stridor?

Laryngeal stridor is an abnormal high-pitched noisy sound, occurring during inhalation or exhalation of breath, caused by the incomplete obstruction in the throat. The laryngeal stridor sound is usually heard during inspiratory phase, also called inspiratory stridor, and may accompanied by inspiratory difficulty in breathing.

Laryngeal stridor causes

Laryngeal obstruction

When you have laryngeal obstruction, you often have symptoms such as inspiratory difficulty in breathing, inspiratory laryngeal stridor, hoarseness, and cyanosis.

Many causes can result in laryngeal obstruction, as follows:

Congenital laryngeal stridor

Laryngeal stridor may be congenital, called laryngomalacia. It often starts at 1 to 2 months after the birth of the baby. This is an inspiratory laryngeal stridor, may be associated with inspiratory dyspnea.
Congenital laryngeal stridor attack form:

With age, the laryngeal cartilage gradually develop to normal. Well, laryngeal stridor will gradually disappear automatically. In general, laryngeal stridor can be self-healing in children in 2 to 3 years old. If children with severe symptoms of laryngeal stridor, should seek immediate medical attention.

Throat cancer

With the growth of the throat cancer, the glottis will be blocked and therefore laryngeal stridor and breathing difficulties occur. In severe cases, the patients have other symptoms of laryngeal obstruction, such as suffocation.

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