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What is Hoarseness?

Hoarseness is a husky, rough quality of the voice. It is a common symptom, often caused due to inflammation or tumors involving the vocal cords of the throat, or recurrent laryngeal nerve affected by tumors or lumps.

There are many causes can cause hoarseness

Common cold and inflammations of the throat, such as laryngitis, laryngeal tuberculosis, other infections in throat, are the leading causes of the hoarseness.

Lumps or tumors are also the frequent causes, including the nodules, polyps, granuloma and cyst of the vocal cord or throat, laryngeal benign tumors and throat cancer.

Others are less common, such as diseases of the throat muscles and nerves, foreign bodies in throat, congenital malformation of the throat.

In addition, recurrent laryngeal nerve of the neck are often affected by the thyroid cancer, thyroid tumor, mediastinal tumors, central type lung cancer, esophageal cancer; As a result, hoarseness often emerges at the advanced stage of these tumors.

Sometimes, brain diseases can also cause hoarseness symptoms.

Hoarseness may also be caused by endocrine dysfunction, and excessive use of hormone, as well as mental hysteria.

Years of smoking and occupational dust inhalation are also both the risk factors.

If you have hoarseness, how should you do?

This shows that, although the hoarseness is one of the most important symptoms of throat cancer, it can also be caused by many other diseases. Upper respiratory tract infections (cold, laryngitis, tonsillitis) are the most common causes for hoarseness.

Therefore, if you have hoarseness, it does not mean that you are suffering from the throat cancer. You should consider a number of factors: Throat cancer is rare before the age of 40; Throat cancer is less common form of cancer; Hoarseness caused by laryngeal is gradually worsened, sustained; Are you a smoker? And, Leukoplakia of the throat is one type of the laryngeal mucosa hyperplasia. It is often in its vocal cords, and is considered to be a precancerous disease of the throat cancer. You should consult a doctor if you are hoarse more than two weeks.

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