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Bloody Sputum

By Tyler Christopher

What is bloody sputum?

Bloody sputum is one of the common symptoms of respiratory tract. That means there is blood in sputum (phlegm, mucus), often a trace or small amount of blood is described as blood tinged sputum; more are blood-red sputum, a lot of bleeding causes purely coughing up blood. In terms of color, bloody sputum may be blood stained sputum, light pink sputum, bright red bloody sputum.

When coughing up bloody sputum, many people feel worried and anxious, that's because the blood in sputum may indicate a presence of lung cancer or throat cancer. Indeed, if you have several days of bloody sputum, especially with long-term history of smoking, you really should be wary of the presence of lung cancer or throat cancer. You should promptly see a doctor for examination, in order to exclude the possibility of cancer.

When you're coughing up blood sputum, you do not have to worry too much about it. This is because many respiratory diseases and pulmonary blood circulation diseases can cause coughing up bloody mucus. Some diseases that cause blood in sputum, may be harmless, completely cured, or life-threatening, resulting in death.

The bloody sputum can occur in any age group, and the probability of occurrence is on the rise with the age for most people. Lung cancer and throat cancer often occur in people after the age of 40. The proportion of male significantly higher than female several times.

Bloody sputum: In most cases, the blood in sputum shows blood streaks, blood spots, blood clots, or pink color, and the sputum may be white mucoid sputum, or yellow purulent sputum. Fortunately, bloody sputum is harmless most of the time, caused by pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis, or pulmonary tuberculosis. If you have chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis, you may have an effort to clear throat every morning when you get up and brush teeth. As a result, we cough up mucus, often with blood in sputum, e.g. blood-streaked sputum or light pink sputum.

Throat cancer and bloody sputum

We should also be wary of the presence of lung cancer and throat cancer. They are rare before the age of 40. People have a greater risk due to long-term smoking. Both lung cancer and throat cancer can cause cough, expectoration and bloody sputum, mostly blood-tinged sputum.

The difference is that, Cough, expectoration and bloody sputum are often the first symptoms of lung cancer; the lung cancer can cause difficulty breathing and chest pain, but without discomfort in the throat.
For throat cancer, at an early stage, the patient can have hoarseness and throat discomfort. With the development of throat cancer, during the advanced stage or end stage, the patients have sore throat aggravated by swallowing, cough, purulent bloody sputum with smelly odor.

If you are worried, you should contact your doctor to clarify the bloody sputum causes.

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