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Throat Cancer Symptoms

By Tyler Christopher

Throat cancer symptoms and signs mainly including:

  • Persistent hoarseness: a rough change in the sound of your voice (if continued progressive hoarseness, the first, early signs of throat cancer).
  • Throat discomfort, foreign body sensation in throat, a feeling of lump in throat.
  • Persistent cough, purulent bloody sputum with smelly odor, even coughing up blood.
  • Having to clear the throat frequently
  • A true lump in throat (signs of throat cancer)
  • Sore throat (throat pain), aggravated by swallowing; The throat cancer pain may radiate to ear (ear pain) and head.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Abnormal breathing sounds: laryngeal stridor, difficulty in breathing, a sense of suffocation.
  • Bad breath.
  • There is no difference between symptoms of throat cancer in women and symptoms of throat cancer in men.

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Warning signs and early symptoms of throat cancer

In contrast to most other cancers, the throat cancer symptoms are often noticeable at an early stage. Particularly, when the cancer is located in the vocal cords of the glottis (glottic throat cancer), the throat cancer symptoms are marked by a persistent hoarseness. The hoarseness is an early warning sign and directly emanates from the vocal cords.

What does throat cancer feel like? Patients often feel a throat discomfort, or a foreign body sensation in the throat. A feeling of lump in throat is a very common symptom: It is estimated that this feeling emerges in more than half of the people at least once in their lifetime; Psychological and neurological disorders are responsible for the majority of cases; The "globus hystericus" was named for this type of feeling, characterized by only the feeling of lump in throat, not a true lump or tumor. However, throat cancer and tumor of laryngopharynx, can also cause a feeling of lump in throat; Moreover, this is a real lump. These throat discomfort are common "throat cancer symptoms", but more frequently in other benign diseases of the throat.

Throat cancer symptoms in advanced stage

Later, the patients also have a difficulty swallowing, and usually a frequent desire to clear his throat. Hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, or both simultaneously, that last longer without or with treatment over four weeks, should be suspected as "throat cancer symptoms" and must always be investigated by an ENT specialist.

With the development of throat cancer symptoms, the throat cancer causes a throat pain especially when swallowing. The pain sometimes also may radiate to the ear and head. Severe throat pain can hinder eating and swallowing.

Cough can also be common "throat cancer symptoms": Due to the foreign body or throat cancer stimulation, the patients usually have a dry, irritating cough. If the throat cancer becomes ulcerated and bleeding, therefore, the cough will be accompanied by blood stained sputum or purulent bloody sputum with smelly odor. A forced cough to clear the throat and a foreign body sensation may also be the evidence of a throat cancer.

A larger throat cancer can lead to a laryngeal stridor, which is a high-pitched crowing sound due to the glottic obstruction or airway obstruction caused by throat cancer. In late stage, the throat cancer symptoms can develop into difficulty breathing, or even suffocation.

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